Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things..

— Theodore Levitt

The quote has inspired me in my creative and inquisitive mind. This website is titled Pixel Nouveau, and it is a showcase of creative inspiration, digital artwork & portfolio. I describe myself as a pop-culture fan, music & arts aficionado, digital & web advocate, and an adventurous traveler




Born and raised in Singapore, I’m a marketing communications professional with hybrid experience in digital, branding, graphic design and public relations. My knowledge in creative process extends from concept to design to production. Stylistically, my work is inspired by vast influences and inspiration. And it is this interest for divergent concepts that translate my ideas into a design language, visual communication or creative marketing. I remain up to date with creative industries through learning, delivering the ‘message’ to the communication needs using a mix of creative skills and commercial awareness.

As a creative professional, I am lucky to have a have a broad-based career experience. I do consider myself versatile in every aspect of the marketing trade. I have done brand campaigns, digital outreach and social media campaigns for various industries and well-known brands such as Oracle, Dell, and AutoDesk. I am a believer that business success is built on the foundation of strategic decisions, which begins with solid business strategy, powerful branding, reinforced by a strong online presence, topped with internet marketing solutions and magnified by social media influence.



One of my biggest passion is traveling. As an avid traveler, I enjoy travel and experience new sights and sounds wherever I go. My first solo travel experience was backpacking to Europe in May 2003. Since then, I have visited cities like New York, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Bangkok. There’s so much to see and places to explore. It is an eye-opening experience and I find that when you travel alone, you will accomplish things that you never ever expected achieving.

I am a Tripadvisor contributor, YouTube travel vlogger and Tripoto approved blogger. Check out my adventures on the digital/social media platforms below.