Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things..

— Theodore Levitt

The quote has inspired me in my creative and inquisitive mind. I always take photographic memories from what I see in my daily life. The popular culture such as music, movies, arts, fashion, and lifestyle have been the source of inspiration.

Pixels… seems like the world of digital photography is all about them sometimes. But in fact, they’re used throughout in all creative applications and as the standard dimension for image-vector creation. The terminology was introduced when I learned to use Photoshop at school. Since then, it has become a creative association in my professional career as a graphic artist and designer. As a designer, I have used my skills in all areas of the creative medium from online to print.

I believe that my aesthetic and visual sense has evolved tremendously through my work in brand management, visual communication, and creative marketing. I always aspire to produce great works and be inspired by fascinating designs, sights & sounds, and the arts scene. In essence, I am always learning and aspire to be the best in what I do in my career and as a creative person.

This website is titled Pixel Nouveau, and it is a showcase of creative inspiration, digital artwork & portfolio. My name is Sohfi H. I describe myself as a pop-culture fan, music & arts aficionado, digital & web advocate, and an adventurous traveler.

As for travel, I have been to several countries in Europe, Asia & North America. Check all my eye-opening adventures and cultural experiences on my travel vlog on Youtube.


November 2004
Central Queensland University

May 2001
Singapore Polytechnic