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PixelNouveau nominated for Singapore Website Awards (SWA)

Big News highlighted my email inbox on July 5, 2017. Pixelnouveau received a nomination for the Personal category at the Singapore Website Awards (SWA). I did not expect it at all but happy to receive the nomination and to be part of the SWA community. Pixelnouveau has been up and running since January this year. It has evolved from a simple page to a fully developed website.

The Singapore Website Awards is a prestigious Website Awards program organized by Exabytes Group of Companies. Exabytes, a leading web hosting provider, invites applicants to submit their website for nomination at the SWA portal. The panel of judges will evaluate and determine the winners based on functionality, user experience, aesthetic and online presence.  The general audience is allowed to vote for their favorite website. All nominations are up for the Site of the Month and Site of the Year Awards.

The submission for various categories will be verified and evaluated by the independent judges. Applicants who received the nominations can display the SWA ribbon on their websites. The past winners for the Site of the Month include Therapy Rocks and Villa Balli. I am grateful to be part of the SWA community and hope to see more contributions. Vote for me at this SWA link.

Sohfi Hamid