Introducing Heroes of Science

Heroes of Science is an integrated social media marketing/ digital campaign to publicize A*STAR to a larger local and global audience, modeled with a stylistic approach to capture the public’s interest and curiosity about Agency for Science, Technology  & Research or A*STAR. Featuring two short form videos which are based upon fictional characters of research background, the plot of the videos revolves around research storyline with a background story.

The first episode was an introduction to Heroes of Science; where a protagonist by the name of Ali met two research scientists who were carrying out scientific discoveries in the jungle. The two researchers were on a mission to convert biodegradable materials into sustainable items for everyday use. In the end, the research duo successfully found a solution to enable recycling for all waste problems in the village.

Heroes Of Science Episode 1: First Inspiration

The first video was a success which spawned a sequel. This time around, we had to find a storyline which strikes a chord to viewers’ emotions. With a family background storyline, the second video introduced the audience to a leading protagonist, Sally, and her sidekick, who were working on projects relating to marine life & shipping industry. Inspired by a crab, they sought to find a solution that not only saves costs for companies but make lives safer at sea.

Heroes Of Science Episode 2

Much of the publicity was through outreach activities, social media marketing & advertising/promotions. Below are some of the online communication which was done to promote the campaigns. My role in this digital campaign project was to collaborate on ideation and conceptualization for the short form videos. As a web specialist, I was tasked to create the wireframe, provide technical requirements and creative direction for the microsite. In addition, I came up with marketing strategies to publicize this digital campaign, optimize the website and attract visitors to watch the video.

Social Media
Social Media contest was introduced on Instagram to introduce #heroesofscience to the audience. We invited participants to submit their science photo of the day with the hashtag #heroesofscience. Participants had to post themselves with an object related to science and upload the photos with the hashtag #heroesofscience to Instagram.


The contest generated a significant response and drew more than 37 submissions. It propagated the campaign to a larger audience and drew visitors to the microsite and to watch the videos.

To support publicity for the digital campaign, an integrated online media plan based on A*STAR-owned platforms as well as third-party & partners’ channels to publicize the campaign, kicking off with the series of EDMs and social media campaigns churned out to the stakeholders, tertiary institutions, and the public.

Social media campaigns were featured on FaceBook as the main platform to advertise the video. Based on the users’ demographics and behaviors (such as time and date of the ads appearing) and interest, I proposed post adverts and frequency to publicize the campaigns.

Post advertising: social media engagement which featured short trailers and the call to action were advertised on A*STAR FaceBook page with a budget of $10 to $12 per day, which reached 1,200 daily.

In addition, online influencers such as Trevmonki was brought in to promote and create online buzz. The objective was to reach out to a larger ‘youth’ online community by tapping on the influencers’ resources and followers.

The biggest achievement was the response received for the digital campaign. Both of the videos garnered more than 16k views per/vid.










It was the first digital outreach for A*STAR and it paved the way for other video content such as A*STAR TV, a Youtube channel on research and innovations to be introduced in late 2015.


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