Events Marketing: Biopolis 10th Anniversary or Biopolis Carnevale

Biopolis 10th Anniversary or  Biopolis Carnevale in 2013 was a commemoration of the first decade of the biomedical sciences research efforts and a celebration of the success of Biopolis as Asia’s Biomedical Sciences R&D hub.

The logo was created to signify the celebration of the establishment of A*STAR’s biomedical hub, Biopolis, bringing together talent, enhancing research capabilities & creating collaboration opportunities.

The Carnevale brought together A*STAR research institutes and the other tenants of Biopolis for a fun, educational and activity-filled day. Besides food and games, the Carnevale featured open houses for A*STAR’s Biomedical Research Institutes and group tours of Biopolis’ major facilities.  As one of the collaborators for this marketing campaign, my role was to create visual identities such as logo creation and branding guide for Biopolis Carnevale. The visual identity was incorporated into the marketing collateral, commemorative publication, and social media channels.


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