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  A*STAR Yearbook 2012: Stepping Up 

The annual report was produced in 2012 as part of A*STAR’s accomplishments in the areas of research & innovation, industry collaborations, and corporate achievements.

The concept direction for the yearbook revolved around the title ‘Stepping Up’. The key message was to highlight the achievement & successful milestones which A*STAR had achieved to become one of Asia’s research & innovation hub.

The 104 pages of stunning visuals and photographs were interlaced with a modern aerodynamic-inspired design.The color palette and the visual layout were infused in the design to comply with A*STAR’s branding guidelines.

For the yearbook production, I was requested to produce the yearbook within a two-month timeline. The articles and features were gathered from the writers. On my end, I had to do the art direction, design, photo selection and liaise with the vendor to print the final artwork.

Click the link to view the pdf version.

Component of the yearbook: Graphic design, production, photo selection & adjustments.




  Best of Insight+


Best of Insight+ publication was produced to showcase NTU-Institute on Asian Consumer Insight’s knowledge resource on market research and consumer insights. The articles were initially published in INSIGHT+ portal.

The book focuses on the key areas of industry interest which include digital; shopping and consumer lifestyle; urbanization and sustainability, and travel. Best of Insight+ was well-received by stakeholders, businesses, and industries at the industry seminars and Asian Business Summit 2016.

The art direction for the book was ideated by the concept of consumer behavior in various clusters such as digital to shopping lifestyle. The stylized neon-coloured electron inspired brain became the focal point of the book design. The color styles were transcended into the rest of the pages. The vector visuals were illustrated using Adobe Illustrator and layout was done in Indesign.

Click the link to view the pdf version.

Component of the yearbook: Graphic design (illustration, layout), production, photo selection & adjustments, copywriting for advertisement and introduction page, and proofread of the articles.




  Singapore American School

The publication for Singapore American School (SAS) is part of the both external & internal communication initiatives. The print publications are circulated across the SAS community network including alumni, stakeholders, and faculties.

I gained an editorial experience in managing all aspects of content management (editorial calendar, content curation, administration), desktop publishing and copywriting.

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