My first career experience as a Web Designer started out in 2005 with Mellon Commercial Pte Ltd, an SME company & general wholesale trading company. As a retailer in office solutions, they are specialized in providing office supplies procurement, retail and printing business. The major project I had to accomplish was to develop an e-commerce functionalities to their website: www.mellon.com.sg.

The initial development required a product database to contain all the products and inventories which the company carries. The database is then integrated to the product page using SQL statement which displays all the product items. Each item displayed are segregated into respective categories and carries detailed product information.

ASP programming language was used in the development to sync the product database. All the stock items which are updated by Sales or purchased by consumers are dynamically updated on the website. This provides an updated and accurate product inventory management.

In addition, I also designed marketing materials as part of Mellon Commercial’s advertising & promotion initiatives.  Below is some examples of creative marketing I have done which include direct mailers, catalogues, and point-of-purchase (POP) displays. These were some of the marketing strategies implemented to entice consumers to visit the online store as well as it’s shopfront at International Plaza.


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