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Travel is one of my passions in life. Over the last twelve years, I have done travels in Asia, Europe, Australia, US. In addition to experiencing different sights and sounds, I have made friends, learnt about their cultures, enjoyed the food and appreciate the different aspect of lives in the different countries I’ve visited. Through my experiences, I have shared a lot of my travels through social media such as Youtube and Tripoto.

If you are not familiar with Tripoto, it is actually an online global community platform which gathers member’s travels which include information, videos and pictures.

tripoto homepage

Travel enthusiasts, bloggers and general visitors have joined or visited┬áTripoto over the past few years and the online community has grown with it’s integration of social media, affiliates and referrals. As one of it’s members, I have posted my articles on my recent travels to Barcelona and Istanbul. Since i have generated high traffic of my┬átravel posts which include followers, I have earned a Tripoto approved blogger badge.

As an avid blogger, I have used Tripoto is as a platform to share my experiences such as my travel tips to destination reviews. You can even earn incentives such as earning credits to redeem travel vouchers and to be featured on Tripoto’s homepage and community sections. Feel free to visit Tripoto and even read some of my travel articles here.

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